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Twenty Twelve theme added to WordPress 3.4-alpha

WordPress 3.4 will have a brand new theme in it – Twenty Twelve.

The initial version of which, has just been added to the development version of WordPress. The commit message explains the philosophy of Twenty Twelve:

Initial import of the Twenty Twelve theme, by Drew Strojny. This time around we’re trying something different than the previous twenty-something themes, a much more minimalist approach that affords easy use as a CMS in addition to being blog-forward. More information will be on wpdevel soon. Props drewstrojny and lancewillett.

Source: Trac Ticket #19978

I have set up a Twenty Twelve Demo Site here:

I’m very interested to see how it pans out!

Update 7/2/2012: The Twenty Twelve Development Team has posted an update:

This is not yet a fully working theme — we’ll be adding in more features and lots of missing styles over the next 3–4 weeks. Including post formats, comments, archives and page templates, more in-post styling, and a nav menu rework so the main content comes ahead of the navigation.

Update 2/3/2012: The Twenty Twelve theme has been delayed, and will no longer be part of WordPress 3.4. It will be in WordPress 3.5 (scheduled for later in 2012).

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Time For Change (of theme)

Today Automattic released the brand new Duster WordPress Theme.

Being a technical guy, I typically don’t care much for WordPress themes.

However I haven’t been happy with how my website has been looking so I decided to give it a try.

The showcase template is really cool (I’m using it for the home page), and I also really like the simplistic layout of the individual post and archive pages.

Anyway, enough talking about pretty things. Time to dig back into some code!